Essentially Curious 2016 Newsletters!

Here's an easy chance to win a 5 ml bottle of Basil Essential Oil!!

I want to reach out to you in the way that you prefer! Contact me by FaceBook, Cell (call or text 410-808-6997), or e-mail to let me know which method you prefer, and I'll not only put you on the correct list, but I'll make sure you are entered for our drawing this month! Deadline is January 9th, so don't wait to respond!

Weekly Schedule:

Mondays - There will be a 15-minute (max) lunchtime podcast or Periscope presentation on a supplement, essential oil, or FAQ session. These Lunchtime Learning events will be on a variety of topics to help you to your best health and most balanced body!

Tuesdays - You'll find a new blog post right here at Tillieisms!

Wednesdays - Our Builder's Round Table sessions, conducted with cross-line leader Heather Estey, will help take you to the next level in balancing business from home with family life. (Sign up for those here at the Events tab)

Thursdays - Office Hours. This is the day I'm setting aside to get together (in person or by phone) with a team leader for a mentoring moment - whether in how to better use your oils or in how to build your business. This day is set aside specifically for you!

Fridays - Top 10 Tips Videos - we'll post a new video every Friday with the top 10 essential oil tips that we've found online through the week. Head to the team YouTube channel to see the 10 Tips and more!

Saturdays - Local Events - If you are within a 5-hour drive of Yorktown, VA, I'll travel to you to help do a Young Living presentation and information session with those in your area. Not that close? We can use Skype or another local leader to get you engaged and ready to share!

Track your points, and enter on this form at the end of the month!

Message me for live links to enter the contests at right!
Want to try for more BIG prizes?

Young Living Corporate offers a number of contests you can win (find out more on the Dashboard of your Virtual Office), including the chance to earn the Aroma Complete Kit for FREE. This program is ending and a new one will take its place in March, though, so if you want details, message me about the Silver in 6 program!

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