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Join our tradition of repeat customers! 

I have been making homemade sweet nuts and spiced nuts for family and friends at Christmas for several years now. For the fourth year, I'll be offering them for sale, along with home-made cocoa powders. 

I am excited about this year's flavors, and hope you'll help me spread the word, even if you aren't looking to purchase any yourself (but I hope you will!) 

Each order is made by hand in small batches. As a result, there may be subtle differences in the flavor, but every batch is guaranteed to be delicious.

With the ties I have to the military, it has been my practice with other businesses in the past to offer a benefit of some sort to active duty military and their families. If you have a loved one who is deployed or TDY, please contact me to arrange free shipping. 

Also, shipping can be combined but it is automatically added to the price, so please message me if you want to order more than one item to be shipped to the same place or if you're local and want to pick up in person.

** Please include shipping information in the comments section on Paypal. If you are local and are picking your order up or the order is going to a military member who is TDY or deployed, contact me about shipping charges. **
* Sweet Vanilla Pecans - Made in the German style, and not like a toffee or a glaze, these nuts have a slightly fruity flavor, accompanied by cinnamon and vanilla extract. As an added benefit, the crunchy bits that are sometimes left over after the nuts are gone make an excellent ice cream topper! ($15 - 12 oz, delivered in a gift box or tin; $10 - 4 oz gift bag)

* Mildly Spiced Deluxe Mixed Nuts (no peanuts) - Mixed nuts with a little bit of warmth to them, but not so much that your tongue wants to jump overboard for a drink of water! These are a good starter nut to put out at parties or to give someone whose taste you're not certain about. They have just enough flavor to invite people to come back for more. ($15 - 12 oz, delivered in a gift box or tin; $10 - 4 oz gift bag)

* Spicy Deluxe Mixed Nuts (no peanuts) - Similar to the Spiced Deluxe Mixed Nuts, this is the hotter, bolder nut mix. These nuts are for the guy who adds hot sauce to his eggs, or extra red pepper flakes to his chili. ($15 - 12 oz, delivered in a gift box or tin; $10 - 4 oz gift bag)

* Sweet Nuts With a Kick! - Deceptively sweet and crunchy on the outside, that first bite lulls you into thinking these nuts are just like the Sweet Vanilla Pecans, until you get closer to the center to find that there really is a bite to them after all! These are delicious nuts, but not to be trifled with! ($10 - 12 oz, delivered in a gift box or tin; $10 - 4 oz gift bag)

* Sampler Pack - A snack-sized bag of each flavor, approximately 1/4 c per flavor ($20)

Use the drop down menu below to order any of the four nut flavors
Please note: the drop down/ordering menu says "8 oz" but that is a Paypal glitch - you'd actually get about 12 oz.

Spicy Deluxe Mixed Nuts

Spicy Deluxe Mixed Nuts

Gourmet Cocoa Blends

Each flavor of cocoa is hand blended with ground chocolate, dark or dutch cocoa powder. Each jar is 8 oz. for $10. 

* Salted caramels are ground and blended with dark chocolate and sea salt for just the right about of sweet and salty in the Salted Caramel. 

* Peppermints are crushed and blended with mocha powder and milk chocolate for a wonderful sweet treat with a peppermint chill.

* Sweet caramels are ground with vanilla bean seeds and blended with semi-sweet chocolate for a delightfully sweet after dinner cocoa. 

* Ground English toffee is blended with milk chocolate, sweet with a slight hint of almond. 

* Pumpkin Pie spices are blended with semi sweet chocolate for a delightful spicy pumpkin treat. 

* Cinnamon chips and dark chocolate are blended together to make rich, spicy anytime cocoa treat.

Cocoa Flavors

Cocoa Powders

More to come! I'm starting a little earlier this year to get some goodies to some deployed friends! We can also make beautiful gift baskets or boxes for a little extra!

Gift Package Instructions


  1. The sweet vanilla are AMAZING !!!!! A must have any any holiday snackie :-)

    1. Thank you, Julie! I love using the topping on my ice cream too. They are definitely good to have around!

  2. Melissa; I just ordered the sweet vanilla pecans. Got the spicy nuts today, have a few left. Just wanted to know if your day has more hours in it than normal - can't understand how you manage to do so much. I was surprised to see a pkg in my mail from you. I'm emailling Beth a Thank you note...
    Bob B.

    1. Hi, Mr. Bob! I'm glad you're enjoying the nuts. I don't have more hours in the day, but I use a lot of late night time for my computer stuff and the kids help me get things done around the house. We do stay busy and just try to take it one day at a time.

      I hope things are going well for you. Beth keeps me updated here and there, but that's gotten harder now that we've moved a bit south of Maryland to Virginia. We sure miss seeing her every weekend! She's the best friend I could ever hope for and I'm grateful to know her.

      Take care

  3. Melissa - The "sweet-with-a-kick" was really good. The sweet vanilla was indescribably delicious! There's a tablespoon or so of crystals left in the bottom; I'm going to get a half-pint of Bluebell Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream tomorrow and try the crystals as a topping. I'll get back to you with another order - just wish I'd thought earlier about Christmas gifts for a few friends. Good stuff!

    1. Bob, the crystals are marvelous on ice cream! I am going to be mailing a couple more orders tomorrow or Tuesday and they should reach their destinations in time for Christmas if you'd like to get them still. Otherwise, I'm content to wait for the next time you get a craving! I'm really glad you're enjoying them!

  4. Wanted to share a comment made via Facebook from a satisfied customer -

    Shelley M. -

    Absolutely fabulous! Thank you so much! Delicious!!!


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