Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A Christmas School Story - by Chef

I was cleaning off my dresser this morning, and am not sure how this gem stayed folded there for so long. But I enjoyed it so am sharing with you (along with some other summer-homeschool moments!)

Monday, July 21, 2014

Beating Pneumonia and Chronic Pain - Naturally!

I haven't written on here as often as Spinster Beth and Slick because I don't always do the same things they do - but that is the point of the blog, right? I don't run, but watching my husband, and Slick and Spinster Beth, I am inspired to try ... someday. My kids would probably enjoy the effort (sadly, they wouldn't even need bikes to keep up with me.) But I am writing today about Essential Oils because for now that is what I use most for better health. 

back in January at work 

I have to share a story about a friend of mine who has been struggling with her health for several months. TLDR: She had pneumonia, C-Diff, an open leg wound that would not heal, Pseudomonas that was resistant to every antibiotic they tried, was mentally and emotionally compromised by all the prescription drugs they had her on, and miserable. Read the end paragraphs for the changes that occurred after moving to holistic methods and Essential Oils....


I have written the full story over on the Three Friends Fitness blog I share with two friends. Won't you head over to see the rest of the story? It really is incredible!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Lesson in the Nest

Several years ago, the kids received a DVD about hummingbirds as a gift from their Nana. It turned into a week-long theme study and a blog post. Yesterday, Mr. Magoo found a complete bird's nest on the ground, lying off to one side and it brought back memories of that week. 

Bruiser put it back in the tree

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Schoolhouse Review Crew: A Life in Balance

I was recently given the chance to read and review the book A Life in Balance by Frank Belgau and his son, Eric Belgau, and distributed by the Learning Breakthrough Program. As a homeschooling mom, I can't help but keep watch over my children and asking: what have they missed; how could I be doing this subject better; is there something about his learning style that doesn't fit what I'm doing? And in truth, it can be a bit of an emotional roller coaster ride.

Learning Breakthrough Program Review
Here's the thing - our oldest learned to read with about the "normal" struggles and challenges. Our second and third took much longer to get into reading, and one still struggles a bit with longer words and books. And their spelling in the beginning was poor enough that even they can't tell what they were trying to write. And it was frustrating for them. I considered vision and tracking problems, ADD, ADHD, and so much more. What I discovered, well after they had worked out for themselves how to get around their difficulties, is that they both have pretty serious dyslexia. 

Friday, May 30, 2014

Schoolhouse Review Crew: Apologia's What On Earth Can I Do?

As we've neared the end of the school year, and it is beginning to warm up outside, the kids have been itching to get out and about. The problem is that we weren't done with our work yet and the odd, on-again, off-again winter weather had them going stir crazy in the house! There was a lot of bickering, arguing, and "me first" attitudes cropping up. Around the same time that all this began, the opportunity popped up to review the Apologia Education Ministries Program called What on Earth Can I Do? 

Apologia Review

What we received in the mail

This program is part of the What We Believe series and helps kids gain a Christian worldview in a way that covers all the different learning types, and many different age groups. The ability to adapt this program across multiple levels is huge for a family spanning several ages, abilities and learning styles and makes it an excellent homeschooling resource to keep on hand. In all, we received the book linked above, plus What On Earth Can I Do Notebooking JournalJunior Notebooking Journal, and Coloring Book.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Testimonial Tuesday: My Hashimoto's Thyroiditis/Hypothyroidism Battle **UPDATE**

Today I am updating a post from last Summer. We last saw Julie S. when she started taking Thyromin daily in hopes of replacing her prescription Thyroid medication. She went in to get her blood levels checked again this past April and has reported back the results: 
With a regimen of 2 Thyromin per night and 1 drop Endoflex on thyroid, twice a day, my numbers were within normal range: 3.2. It's the middle normal, but that's where I feel the best. No over-active symptoms, i.e.: Heart palpitations, etc. 
Each person's body chemistry is so different that individual results may vary but this is Julie's experience as she has written it down for me to update here.

Read below for her original post:

Meet Julie S. - she is a wonderful friend of mine from church and one who decided to join me in my Young Living adventure to better health. She wrote this as a note on Facebook and I asked her if I could share it here as a guest post on my blog. It really is an incredible testimonial to what Young Living Essential Oils have done for her - and doesn't begin to touch on how her family has been helped by using YLEOs also!

Read on - show her some love, and drop a note at the bottom! (By the way, it was her daughter who made the fabulous Irish Car Bomb Tipsy Cakes that I posted the recipe for last week. Totally delicious!

Up until I had my second baby, I maintained a healthy weight. I was "normal". I look back and think to myself, "Girl, you were an idiot for thinking you were fat!". After my Becca was born, I had what I thought was normal baby fatigue. Even after she was a year old, I still experienced that fatigue, but now it was coupled with hair loss, dry skin, inability to lose weight, muscle weakness, freezing cold, and all the other wonderful Thyroid symptoms. For three years, I was tested over and over. According to the doctors, I was fine. It was all in my head. Right. So was the weight gain of 60 pounds, right?

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Testimonial Tuesday: Bug Spray and Sun Block Rolled Into One

Last year was our first summer in Virginia, and our first year near so. Much. Standing. Water. The mosquitos were terrible, just really, really bad. It was also my first year using essential oils to replace many of the chemicals and other toxic fun stuff in our house and in our lives. So instead of running out and picking up some Off with DEET, I opened up my handy dandy Quick Reference Guide and worked out what I would need to make my own bug spray. 

The Quick Reference Guide suggested using Purification, Lemongrass, and/or Citronella mixed in with a carrier oil or alcohol as a binder. I was putting this together for a "make-and-take" discussion group so I didn't want to use quite all of those oils, but I did want it to be effective. I also wanted to add some oily goodness for the skin, since alcohol can be drying.

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