Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Testimonial Tuesday: One Friend's Journey with Fibromyalgia

I have looked for someone to give me their use of essential oils for chronic pain and Fibromyalgia for quite some time and am so excited that I've finally had a friend give me the testimonial below. I am completely excited that things are going so well for her and being that I want this same kind of pain relief for everyone in my reach, I am sharing her words in this "Testimonial Tuesday" post … 

Really, just read and see what has worked for someone who has been in chronic pain and lived that life - and now lives that life no longer!

Here is the TLDR:

G.T. deals with Fibromyalgia, severe asthma, degenerative disk joint disease, severe osteoarthritis, has plastic disks and titanium plates inserted in her spine. She has degeneration in her lower back, scoliosis, and a compression fracture in one of her vertebrae. Pain in her shoulder, arms, hips, legs, neck and back, in addition to migraines.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Schoolhouse Review Crew: Supercharged Science

Supercharged eScience Review
As an homeschooling mom one of the areas of life I probably feel like I "fail" at most often is science. I had it covered when we lived up in Maryland - we had a homeschool dad who was a PhD something-or-other that I just adored, and he was right up the boys' alley with nature walks, hands-on stuff and all that cool jazz. And then we moved. Shoot. So Schoolhouse Review Crew has come to my rescue yet again with the chance to review an online, hands-on science curriculum called Supercharged Science and their e-Science Learning Program

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Schoolhouse Review Crew: Victus Study Systems Review

Victus Study Skills Review
As Maestro gets further into his high school years, and have decided that we can confidently continue to homeschool through those years, we have been considering and watching his time management, study skills and time spent online. We want to make sure he is set up to manage his time, take on the world and achieve his goals and dreams, whatever direction he moves in. One possible solution came from my faithful Schoolhouse Review Crew when they offered the chance to review the Victus Study Skills System

Monday, April 7, 2014

Meditation Monday: The Peculiar Timing of Answered Prayers

Okay, this is such an exciting post to write that I've set aside another exciting post I started yesterday! My understanding of the Orthodox Faith is that there are no coincidences in life: God foresees everything and though we do not know to pray for something specific, He knows that the prayer is going to be said - and that prayer counts even for things that have happened in our past. But because God does not have a past, nor a future, He just IS, then all prayers are heard at the right time, no matter when we actually said them. I hope I haven't muddled this all up and confused the matter - because the concept is integral to this story today.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Younger Brother Comics

A bit of levity for your Wednesday this week... These are comics drawn by Chef. He has a (shall we say) unique sense of humor. I hope you enjoy the laugh at sibling rivalry and boyhood foibles as much as I did!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Meditation Monday: The Still Quiet Moments

Maestro, as his nickname suggests, is very into music of all (most) kinds. But there is something about a good, quick tune that gets you pumped up when there is a lot of heavy, boring work to be done - like cleaning up the house, laundry, schoolwork, etc. But it's tiresome and just a lot of work from a kid's perspective, so we crank up the tunes. Today, Maestro had on a pop music station.

So few of the songs are appropriate for us to listen to that he ends up changing the station every second or third song. Well, that slows down our work considerably! I prefer to listen to Dave Ramsey podcasts while I work - it is inspiring for me to hear about others who are also struggling to become debt free. 

Or I listen to talks and lessons by people who have reached a point where they earn a full-time paycheck doing what they love and helping others - usually people doing Young Living as a business. I'm on my way, but not there just yet. My goal is to be there entirely by 2015 when the White Knight can retire and paint, create and "Art" full time - it's what he loves and his work is so beautiful. I'd like us both to do what we love full time. 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Homeschool Review Crew: Mango Languages

Mango Languages Review
Today's post is a review of the program/website Mango Languages, and its program Mango Homeschool Edition courtesy of the Homeschool Review Crew. The timing is perfect for this review because the White Knight is eligible for retirement in 2015. A long-held goal has been to punctuate that retirement with a trip to France with all the kids. We really really want to travel more before Maestro leaves home in a few years. We have talked off and on about doing serious French study as part of our homeschool program before taking this journey to France, so I was excited to try a new program. 

Mango Languages Review

We have tried other programs - workbooks, Rosetta Stone, etc - and they have been decent starts but have really not grabbed the kids' minds well enough for them to want to return to them. When homeschool days fill up and there is limited time to give to everything, I'm not going to be as likely to push in areas that are somewhat "extra". Math is always going to come first over foreign languages if we're running behind in a subject, in other words. 

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