Essential Oils Basics

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What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are volatile essences distilled from the various parts - leaves, seeds, bark, sap, etc - of the plant being distilled. These tiny drops are sold by Young Living in two sizes: 15 mL (approx. 250 drops) bottles, and 5 mL (approximately 80 drops) bottles, and are so potent that only 1-4 drops is needed at any one time for most uses. For some cooking recipes, it can even take as little as a soaked toothpick swirled in the pot!

How are essential oils used? 

Essential oils are used aromatically, topically, or as a dietary supplement. Each oil, and available reference guides, will have listed on them how to use that particular oil. Though some oils may be used in more than one way,  because of FDA requirements, Young Living has to label each oil for only one use, so as you try out and use the oils more frequently, you'll find new ways to use them.

Why should I use essential oils for aromatic needs instead of something like my usual scented plug-ins and candles? 

When I was in junior high science and health class, I remember being quite amused and interested in the fact that the reason you can smell things is because tiny particles of that thing are floating in the air, and then as you breathe, those particles go up your nose and to your brain through your olfactory nerves. That principle has not changes, so if we really consider what is used to create those candles and wax tarts, we can easily see that whatever they're made with, is going into our bodies. If those are made with anything other than the purest components, and not synthetic fragrances, etc., our bodies will have an increasing toxic-load. Those toxins are stored by the body since your body doesn't know what to do with them.

If you continue to store more and more garbage in the garbage can in the kitchen, what eventually happens? It overflows and dirties your kitchen! Your body is the same way. Those stored toxins start to build up and your body is working to get rid of them, but in the end can only react to them and you begin to feel the effects of a "dirty kitchen."

We see some of the same problems and complaints by our bodies when we use these synthetic substances and chemicals for housecleaning, etc, as when we eat a poor diet. The combination of the poor diet and rampant chemical and synthetic use is taking a huge toll on the health of the nation!

Many in Young Living also use essential oils as part of an amazing supplement drink called NingXia Red for increased energy, better overall health, and more! Take a look... 

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  1. Talk to your friend who sent you this link, or this link to start up.  
  2. Scroll to the bottom for full, detailed instructions, and my favorite products to start with.

How do I know Young Living's essential oils are any better than the oils I can purchase at the local health food store, or online? 

There is a lot I can say on this particular topic, and you can see all those details at the Seed to Seal site maintained by Young Living. But below you will find mine. 

  • Young Living has been around for 20 years, longer than any other company on the U.S. market
  • That 20-year experience gives Young Living the knowledge needed to distill the very purest and best oils, as well as providing us with more oils and oil-infused products than any other company around. (That is more than 300 products overall, folks!) 
  • Young Living is the only company in the United States to own any of its own farms. These farms further allow YL to ensure the purest and best final oil on the market, and going into my body. This means that Young Living has quality control over the process of growing, harvesting and distillation from Seed to Seal. Other oil companies frequently purchase their oils by the batch from third-party sellers, and cannot confirm where their oils originated, nor what the process for distillation truly involved.
  • As a way to verify that those farms are held to the highest standards, Young Living works with world-renowned essential oil experts. They then allow both wholesale members as well as the general public to visit and tour the farms to see that purity and quality for themselves. 
  • People don't waste their money. If these oils did not work as well as they do, Young Living would not find their wholesale members renewing their orders for more oils each month
Are Young Living oils organic? Do they use pesticides or chemicals on or in the oils I would receive? Is Young Living a "Green" company?

Young Living uses essential oils on their plants as a means of keeping pests away from the plants. By the nature of what an essential oil is, whatever substance is put on the plant will end up in your oil. This includes sprays, "stuff" in the water, fertilizer, etc. 

At the end of the process, Young Living returns the used plant matter from the distillers to the earth through composting, and thus the cycle can continue in an earth-friendly way.

Are essential oils safe to use? What precautions should I take?

The safety record of pure essential oils is unmatched, however that does not mean that we should not be cautious with these marvelous and potent tools. 

Though this list is by no means complete, it is a good starting list.

  • Some oils are hot and if used undiluted could cause burning or irritation to the skin - some examples include Lemongrass, Peppermint, Oregano, Clove, etc.
  • Keep a carrier, or fatty, oil on hand when using essential oils - this includes fatty oils like olive oil, coconut oil, or Young Living's own V-6 Carrier Oil. These oils can be used to dilute an essential oil both before use, and after the oil has been placed on the skin if it turns out to have a harsher effect than you were seeking
  • Essential oils work very well to get the toxins out, which means that they do NOT work well with plastic or styrofoam. If you intend to put EOs in your beverage to drink, use a glass or ceramic cup
  • Be careful about how much oil you use at one time. They do have a very real effect on the body and too much of a good thing, is still too much and could cause damage. 
  • Essential Oils and water don't blend well. The oils kind of float on the top, so you may need to mix them well, or blend the oils into a bit of salt before dissolving into your beverage if using as a dietary supplement.

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