Friday, September 17, 2010

Improving self - body, mind, soul

Maestro has inspired me. He said a few weeks ago that he is really working to change and improve himself. He set some pretty specific goals, things like: keeping his room picked up, keeping a good attitude, getting all of his school work done each day. Thought he is not always successful, in many ways I can see the changes taking affect. My favorite is the goal for attitude change - maybe he'll prevent himself from having teen angst problems (fingers crossed here, People!)

I am so inspired by him that I've set some goals of my own to try to reach - goals to improve my body strength as this baby comes along, to sharpen my mind now that I'm "done" with school, and my soul as I move forward in my journey in faith. Following a rather vigorous walk with Buttercup in her stroller and two dogs on leashes, I have decided to share my goals here - maybe it will keep me accountable, who knows?

Start with the soul - it is the basis for everything real and important in life. At least, if I'm on top of my game, it should be! I am not to the point where I am reading my Bible every day as I should be, but I have at least increased my prayers and try to make sure I say them often. Reading anything is a luxury right now, so someday I'll get back into it.

Body is easier than mind, sort of, and being pregnant, so important right now! I've started taking vitamins (a huge thing for me, as many know!) and taking walks nearly every day with Buttercup and the dogs. I try to keep my pace fast enough to get in some cardio. Can't do an hour a day yet, but it's a start! Cardio has long been one of my weakest points. From carrying my babies around, muscle strength has not been something I've worried about as much.

And mind... Well, I'm trying to keep up with improving in photography, have started this blog and am working on some new crochet projects. Perhaps more importantly, I've begun to weed out areas of life and volunteer things that are no longer fulfilling for me or that do not help me become a better person. I've stopped so many of the e-mail ads that I signed up for (Staples, Borders, etc.) I don't need to know about every sale, special or event that comes along. The ones I'm really interested in, I have a pretty good idea of when they will come about and can look them up for specific dates (educator's weekend at Borders, for instance.)

There are my three plans of attack, set in the stone of the Internet forever-land. Nothing ever gets erased here, or so I've been told, so I'll be able to look back in six months and see where I am in all of this. Mmmm... hope that's a good thing!


  1. If you want to start a casual book-reading thing, let me know ... we could pick a classic and read 10 pages a week, or something like that!

  2. Maybe we could try that again - I think we did try once with SMC, didn't we? We didn't seem to get very far. But it would be good for me I think. I am currently finishing up a biography about Norman Rockwell - he is a humorous man. I am enjoying the book immensely!


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