Monday, July 4, 2011

Scenic Sunday: Washington DC Folklife Festival

I realized after last week's post that if my pictures were going to be taken on Saturday, the actual "Scenic" posts would be Sunday! So continuing on with what I started last week, here are some photos taken yesterday while attending the Smithsonian Folklife Festival in Washington DC with my family and friends. I am using these posts as a way to encourage me to look more closely at the beauty - and sometimes oddity - in the world around me. I am not always the most observant person in the world, largely because I am busy keeping a head count to make sure all of the children are accounted for. Enjoy the story of our day!

Each year the Smithsonian Folklife Festival focuses on three things: a country (Columbia), a type of music (Soul/Blues), and an organization (Peace Corps.)

We started our day with breakfast at IKEA in College Park. It was decent - and fed my whole crew for less thank $20, can't beat that! After IKEA, we headed out for the Metro Orange Line at New Carrollton. I love taking the Metro! Something my hometown didn't have and that I just adore. Too bad it costs me $30 to take everyone or I'd be on there almost every weekend to see something new! 
Once we reached the National Mall, Jeff and our friend Rob headed for a large sign reading "Beverages" to see exactly what kind of "beverages" were we talking about here? The hope was for a beer...
Our intrepid heros returned later with... Mango smoothies?? Poor heroes! 

Soon after, we passed a true hero - I had to stop and ask for his picture and thank him for his service! He spent 30 years in the Navy, the younger man walking with him was also a Navy chap and this old guy sure had a great rack! 

Smeagol took a couple of really nice pictures next - I am really increasingly impressed with his artistic insights! 

 Our friend Spinster Beth bought each of the children a popsicle and we headed for the Peace Corps part of the exhibit. There was so much to do that I can't put up all of the pictures I took! Instead of trying to fit 25 photos on here, I'm going to try my hand at uploading a video. 

Until next time, hop over to Spinster Beth's blog to see more pics of a great festival and be sure to post a link to your own recap-of-the-week! 
Be blessed this week and be sure to notice what's around you!

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