Sunday, April 8, 2012

Growing Through Challenges

We have a lot going on in life this year - well, we will have. We are dealing with physical, financial, and emotional challenges, things that will stretch us to think about, things we worry over and carefully weigh the end results of the decisions made. We're looking at: a move (after 10 years of being here in this same house), a mortgage that is "upside down" (for the first time ever), whether to sell or rent out our house when we move, how to deal with the kids' braces upon moving (do we wait to get them started or do we start now and then find a new provider when we get to where we're going, car repairs (I whacked our car into a tree last weekend and it needs fixing,) new home school laws in the state to which we're moving, and on and on and on.

Positive thinking helps overcome so many challenges in life!
It's a lot - and we can look at it and say it's a lot and focus on the difficulties therein, or we can look and remember that we have a strong family; we have good friends; we have options... We can decide to see this as a time of spiritual, emotional, mental and family growth. A time when challenges will make us stronger all around.

It seems like such a small matter to make these mental shifts but the difference is so important. Here is a challenge: next time you're driving around town, look for other cars that are the same color as your own. If you are looking for only red or blue or black cars you're going to see them in droves!

The same concept rings true for the challenges we have in life. If we're looking for the good that life give us, the blessings, we're more likely to see the blessings before we see the "I can't"s.

Isn't it better to look at life and feel like you have the bull by the horns? Like maybe there is struggle involved, but you have it covered. You're going to handle it, whatever "it" is.

What are you struggling with? Share your thoughts below and we'll pray for your success!

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  1. Beautiful and true. My MIL always says, "that is a good problem to have." Family makes our problems seem like challenges we just haven't oveecome yet. Yet!

  2. I like your MIL's idea! When I was little, and we didn't want to do something, we would whine, "Do we have to?" Mom always said, "You GET to."It really made a difference in ow I view things as an adult.

  3. Without family no real life happens! Good and the Bad times.. You'll all be just fine! You all do many things together this is just another one of your to do list! (only a little bigger!) Prayers always with
    you and love to all! love, Uncle Bill and Aunt Donna

  4. What a wonderful perspective Tillie, and such a true point about the cars (and such a true tie in with our attitudes and what we are looking for). I would make a to-do list, pray and trust in the Lord that He's got big things in store for you and your family! Praying for you, and thank you for your sweet words you commented on my blog. -Nicole @ Working Kansas Homemaker

    1. A to-do list is a great idea! I have a small one for each day, but my big-picture list is getting ever longer! We're working as a team though and I can't ask for more.

  5. Amen!!! Awesome post! I'm blessed to have you both as my friends ^_^ all this will be in my prayers! That picture brings back great memories ;)

    1. James! I see you remember that image :) It just seemed to really "fit" with the idea of facing challenges head on. I hope no one minds my using such a visual. Love what you're doing with your own blog - can't wait to see more!


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