Monday, June 11, 2012

Just the Pics Please

Summer is here. The lethargy of hot days has hit (and the busy-ness of getting other things done intervenes!) but I don't want my blog to lag either so I'm going to put some simple summer pics up on here for today and then go update the Three Friends Fitness that I have with my closest friends Slick and Spinster Beth. Be sure to check that one out as we introduce a gal who started running in her 30s and now runs Super-Marathons at 41! She is one awesome, inspiring gal and her answers to our interview questions are worth taking the time to read!

Anyway, here are some shots as we wrap up spring activities (baseball, track, "official" schooling) and begin summer fun (moving, swimming, gardening, lazing).

Sprinkler fun

Our Bruiser rounding first in the red batting helmet

Picking wild mulberries

Warming up to bat - his team looks likely to make the playoffs this year! What a great way to go out before we move

How I WISH I could say these tomatoes are all from our garden, but they're not - yet. I might try planting some late starters because toms grow so quickly! But this is a recipe in progress, highly likely to hit the blog at a later point. I just thought it was neat to be able to make a recipe using Brown Tomatoes, Grape Tomatoes, Plum Tomatoes, and an Orange Tomato all at once. Really want to try some of those heirlooms in the garden, moving or no!

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