Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tell It Like It Is

If you follow social networking sites at all (or even if, like me, you are only on Facebook and really don't touch Twitter or MySpace or the like), you've seen the video clip of the high school teacher who gave The Graduation Speech of the Year. This is the guy who told it like it is, the guy who told the graduating students that they are nothing special; that there are so many other high schools out there and each one has a valedictorian, and each one has the prom king and queen or whatever. Basically, he reminded them that there is competition in the world and that even though we parents have told our kids all their lives that every time they pee in the toilet and not on the seat they're winners... well... maybe all that's great, but not so true.

Bowling champion? Not yet, but maybe some day... with hard work!
I saw that guy sometime last week. While his words were true and the kids to whom he was speaking (and so many more of us!) needed to hear the message, they weren't significant enough for me to really comment on them here on my blog until today. You might ask the question: what happened today to change your mind?

Monday, June 11, 2012

Just the Pics Please

Summer is here. The lethargy of hot days has hit (and the busy-ness of getting other things done intervenes!) but I don't want my blog to lag either so I'm going to put some simple summer pics up on here for today and then go update the Three Friends Fitness that I have with my closest friends Slick and Spinster Beth. Be sure to check that one out as we introduce a gal who started running in her 30s and now runs Super-Marathons at 41! She is one awesome, inspiring gal and her answers to our interview questions are worth taking the time to read!

Anyway, here are some shots as we wrap up spring activities (baseball, track, "official" schooling) and begin summer fun (moving, swimming, gardening, lazing).

Sprinkler fun

Friday, June 1, 2012

Precious Moments

What is it... 

that is so soothing about laying your head on someone's chest, hearing the air whoosh in and out of their lungs, and the steady thump-thump of a strong heart? Is it a throwback to when our mothers carried us inside of them, floating about, safe and secure from care and harm? Is it a remembrance of the times when a parent or (much) older sibling cared for us, carrying us in sleepy haze into the house and laid us gently into a warm bed? Whatever it is, it is soothing and comforting.

There is safety there, in trusting someone and being so close. There is security in the temporary reminder that you are not alone in this world.


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