Monday, February 11, 2013

Good Snacks for Growing Kids

With four boys and the girlie, keeping good healthy, filling snacks on hand is essential. I don't buy the granola bars or pre-packaged snacks because they are expensive, have a lot of junky ingredients, way too much sugar and they don't keep my kids satisfied for very long. In fact, Maestro can easily munch his way through an entire box of fiber one bars and still look for "something more to eat."

The other night dinner was going to be more than just an hour in the making so with a little rummaging around, we came up with this:

Slices of french bread (left over from the night before), peanut butter, apple slices from lunch, golden raisins and dried currants. It was a hit (and gave Buttercup and her friend a nice little tea party snack!)

Because of all the munchies going on, I try to keep certain things in the pantry and am sharing my go-to snacks today.

As a general rule of thumb, the snack has to be filling (so often involves low sugar, high protein), cost-
effective, and healthier-than-not.

My kids are allowed to have as many baby carrots as they want. These little snackies give them something crunchy to bite into, they're not overly expensive and the kids love them.

All ready for the tea party
Spoonfuls of peanut butter are also a routine favorite in our house. Quick and easy and gives enough of a protein boost for the next hour while Mom finishes making dinner. Chef is working on a homemade recipe that even Pop likes, so I guess I'd better find a resource for good raw peanuts!

Frozen corn kernels have become a favorite of late for my younger kids.

I usually buy either cheese sticks or Chobani brand Greek yogurt each week for extra protein and Vitamin D.

The kids like slices of cheese - I bring those out more rarely because cheese is pricey and gets too little filling return for what I spend, but they do love it.

Quesadillas with black beans, cheese and maybe rice are often made for a mid-afternoon snack.

On pancake mornings, I make extra and leave them out on the side counter for them to grab-and-go. My pancakes are home made and usually have molasses, flax seed and other such additions to make them healthier. I also usually cut back on the sugar or use juice as the liquid.

Plain bowls of beans and rice

Stove-popped popcorn (not Jiffy Pop, we just make our own)

A piece of fruit (I buy each child one or two pieces a week, depending on what's available.)
The original "fruit snack"!

The older kids like hummus, veggies and pita

Goodies from our CSA Farmer at Zina's Produce
(if you're local and you decide to sign up with Zina, will you tell her I sent you? Thanks! :)
They also like chickpea or tuna salad sandwiches (recipe to come down the line)

Spiced nuts are often left out on the counter to grab a handful on the way past

Lest you think everything we do is too healthy, we have our share of a little less-than-healthy goodies too. Occasional candy pieces, ice cream, hot cocoa... My favorite "Sweeties" though are still the homemade variety. Sometimes we'll have...

Molasses swirl bread

Molasses Swirl Bread
Peppermint cookies (with real Peppermint Essential Oil instead of synthetic "flavoring!")

Home made gingerbread, with chunks of crystalized ginger
Gingerbread - even better than Trader Joe's!

I hope these ideas inspire you to look at your go-to snacks and give at least one or two ideas for something new to try.

What's in your go-to snack cabinet? I'd love to see new ideas to add to my own list and help others on their journeys to healthier living!

Hop over to Coping With Frugality to see some more great recipes! (What do you know?? Mine was the featured post! Thanks!)


  1. Yum, so many great suggestions! We all love hummus and pita. That molasses swirl bread looks amazing! Thank you for joining us and linking up to Delicious Dish Tuesday!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Alesha - AND for featuring my post! I'll be back at Delicious Dish Tuesdays to check out what else people have posted, that's for sure!

  2. These are such great tips! As a nursing mom they actually apply just as much to me as they do to kids :) Thanks for sharing with Delicious Dish Tuesday. I have featured you as my favorite recipe this week.

    1. Thank you for highlighting my post! I appreciate the boost. Actually, I am a nursing mom as well - my youngest is 21 months and still nurses, for me the high protein is essential!


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