It's Time for Great Health and Financial Freedom!

This is Your Time for Great Health and Financial Freedom!

 Click below to get information about ways to ditch the toxins that keep you from enjoying a life of Wellness, Purpose and Abundance with Young Living Essential Oils!

You can get essential oils from the grocery store shelves - but the source of your oils matters. Watch this video to find out the basic information on oil usage, a little bit about why source matters, and what makes Young Living stand out from all the rest.

Now that you've watched the video - let me ask you: would you rather get your oils from the guys who claim to be "as good as" Young Living, or straight from the top company?

Click on this information link for some additional FAQ-type information or look at my Essentially Curious page to get a little more information about Essential Oils and Young Living.

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The person who gave you this page link has made a commitment to you!

You may not realize it, but the person who gave you the link to this page has made a promise to be a friend and mentor as you learn to use your essential oils, and wants to help you get the most for your money and your time. Because of this commitment, it can be important that you start your wholesale membership with the person who made you that promise. Below you will find links specific to people who may have given you access to this page. Look for a name or a face you recognize to determine who has made that pledge of help and mentorship to you.

Noreen Schroeder Dreste
Member #1902462
Ferguson, MO

"My goal is to help my family and friends gain wellness and opportunity. By helping others, I hope to gain success in the business side. For my family, I would love to bring my husband home and all of us could move out to the country. I am also working hard to work from home so I can stay home with my family and children."

Debbie McMaster
Member # 2875452
Florissant, MO

"My goal as a member of Young Living is to keep learning how their huge variety of products can improve the health of my family. Then I can share my experience and knowledge with others to help them learn about Young Living Essential Oils and their other products. We can also learn to remove toxins in our homes and so much more. I am always happy to talk about how great Young Living products are for everyone! In this whole process, there is also great opportunity for obtaining financial freedoms that just by sharing as you keep learning."

Melissa Edens
Member #1390866
Yorktown, VA

I want to challenge and empower you to own great health, and choose how you get there; to claim freedom in how you spend your time day to day; and if you're ready to commit to yourself, I am committed to helping you gain financial freedom as well. There is a better way than what society tells us! Are you ready to break Free?

Thanks so much for stopping by - I look forward to talk with you more, answering your questions and seeing you thrive in your Best Health! It is best to message me by FaceBook messenger at one of the page links above. Not on FaceBook? Ε-Mail me here.

Melissa Edens
Young Living Silver Leader 
and Independent Member # 1390866

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