Sunday, April 3, 2011

Appreciating the Smallest Moments...

Here I continue the appreciation and recognition of my four wonderful children. The first part is posted here.

Smeagol was looking over my shoulder at some pictures I had e-mailed to the Grandparents. Maestro was labeled a "handsome boy," Buttercup was "Pretty Girl," etc. and then there was his picture in which he was labeled, "Goofy Boy" with the follow-up that I hoped it never changed about him.

He asked why he was "goofy" and enjoyed my answer when I pointed out that his shirt was a church shirt, partly tucked into Spiderman shorts, but only in front, and he had a huge goofy grin going. He takes some small delight in being goofy still. I know that will change as he gets older. It did for my brothers, it will for him.
I hope eventually it comes back too. I like the fact that he is who he is, no matter what others think of that. We genuinely try to appreciate him for who he is and get great joy out of his sense of humor, comics, songs, games, etc.

He is just "Smeagol."

My quiet moment with Bruiser come in the early mornings, usually. We have only one car, so when I have lessons or events for the kids during the day or appointments for anyone, I get up and take Jeff to work so we have transportation from home. Bruiser and Buttercup have to get up on those early mornings to drive Papa in. Bruiser is not fond of having to tag along, much preferring sleeping in his own bed to sleeping in a booster seat in the car... and who can blame him? But it is what it is and so along we go!

What makes it somewhat bearable for him is (gag, please) McDonald's Oatmeal (of all things!) He loves it. From a "Mom" point-of-view, I can't complain. It is one of the healthier breakfast items on the cumulative fast-food menu. At the same time, I still cannot understand why he prefers the McD's version to what I make at home (though he loves that too!) I add the same stuff, make it the same texture... *whine* ... BUT I digress!

This is not about my sensitivities, but about how much I appreciate the small moments and being with them each day. This post is to share, and celebrate, some of those moments with others. Perhaps to encourage others in finding their own small moments in life. Little blips in time to cherish, knowing - as we all do - that one day, those moments will not occur nearly so often and are already so fleeting in our lives.

So on those early morning drives, Bruiser picks whether he wants a pie (apple or cherry?) or a hashbrown with his oatmeal and away we go. He comments mostly on what he sees immediately around him - the planes in the sky, the neighbor's greyhound dogs and what he's learned about them ("The white one is the slow one, Mom. But the Grey one is fast!"), asking questions about what he's seen elsewhere, telling me about a dream, comments on the baby coming oh-so-soon...

He kind of rambles on a bit and sometimes, I'll confess, I tune him out, but I really do try not to. I no longer turn on the news station, or the "Morning Guys" to listen to all the way home (perhaps just long enough for the weather and traffic.) Instead, I stop and try to listen to his words, answer his questions, comment on his stories, share them, enjoy them, appreciate them. When he and Buttercup are both sleeping back there, I enjoy the quiet instead. The sound of the wheels on the road, their heavy breathing or light snores, their quiet.

Even on my hardest days with them, when I want only to have them in bed by night's end and I'm ready for bed myself - or at least more of the quiet for a bit - I try to end my nights with them with a blessing, with "I love you," with cheerful words and a thankfulness to them for the small quiet moments. I try to remind myself throughout the day to appreciate them, love them, and that they won't be there forever. Here is my tribute to our children - to all children - as we go through our days together, living, learning, laughing - and being blessed... (as I tell my children each night) so we may pass those blessings on to others around us and all in God's glory!


  1. He will always be your yoo-nique Yonah!

  2. He is certainly his own duck. They all are, really. It's hilarious to see them get together with kids that are remotely like they are!


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