Friday, April 1, 2011

Enjoying the Small Moments

The other day, Buttercup came to me while I was making dinner. She's two, and at a point where helping "make" dinner or pretending tea party is of high interest to her, so it was not unusual that she took out our smallest cutting board and wandered off with it. Until a short time later, when she returned, very pleased with herself, to show me her creation:

Crayon washes out - eventually - and it was only a cutting board,
so I wasn't too concerned, though I fussed a little anyway so she doesn't try drawing designs on other things that aren't as easy to fix! On the flip side... I was kind of impressed with her face at such a young age! She has been learning basic drawing ideas from watching her older brothers - can you see it on the right, there?

Later I was taking Maestro to scouts. I appreciate those moments on Scout night - when one of us gets to take him to Scouts alone. It is a time when he can just be himself, ask questions, be goofy, and not have to be "The Oldest Brother." He was talking about the camping trip he is now on, during which they get to shoot rifles. Really, I had just told him that he won't make the team pictures for baseball because they are on the same day as the shooting trip, but what a cool reason to miss the pictures! (*Ahem* From a boy's perspective anyway!)

He agreed and he said, in as deep a voice as he could manage, "I'm going Rifle Shooting!"

There was a pause from the dark back seat of about half a minute or so before he said, "That didn't come out very manly, since you had classical music playing... Can you change the radio to country?"

I changed the music, but we had a good laugh over that!

This is a long post - since we have so many - and so I'll post it in two parts. But it really is meant to be a tribute and a salute to each of our four children. It is meant to be in recognition of the small moments and blessings that we each receive by being together each day, every day. So on with posting part one... Then part two...


  1. Her face drawing is really good. Just think what she could do with real paper or canvas.

  2. She gets hold of real paper frequently too. More than anything I'm working to keep her "signature designs" off of the walls and furniture! We've had a few mishaps but that seems to be waning a bit. More than anything else, she is into "body art."

  3. Hopefully she can keep the body "art" to a minimum for a long time - before it progresses into the kind of body "art" that is permanent (eye, tongue, bellybutton piercings - tatoos of the permanent kind in places that you will never know - until one of their friends let it slip:-! So FRAME the cutting board and celebrate for now, they grow up way too fast!

  4. Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by my blog last week!

    These moments are so precious -- I have all boys, so your son's comment about the manly music cracked me up!

    I remember being fascinated by my kids' drawings as they grew, noticing the details they thought to put in. My friend had a good perspective on why little ones sometimes draw heads on legs with no bodies -- she said that's how kids see themselves as they look down. Could be! There is always a learning curve as well as they learn what's appropriate to draw on.


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