Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Be an Encouragement to One Another

Today we were able to give Bruiser hearty celebration after listening to him read a book entirely on his own. In fact, he read it quickly enough that even Buttercup was sufficiently engaged! Such moments are a true "win" in any home and should be wildly - and widely (hence the blog post!) - acknowledged as special.

Though we should not look to achieve great things for the recognition and applause they bring, it is such a great feeling to have supporters who look to cheer for you with some of the smaller goals. It makes us want to continue when we're struggling through the rough patches when each step seems insurmountable.

I have a vivid memory of trying to work on a math concept in junior high school. As I sat at the table, my frustration mounted while my mom tried to explain how to work the problem I was on. What she was telling me didn't seem to match up with what I had been taught at school. After a point, I grew so frustrated that I threw my pencil at the wall. Not the right way to handle frustration, certainly, but I know that every person who reads this will be able to relate to that feeling of being up against a brick wall.

I bring this up because Maestro had a new concept he was dealing with in (coincidentally) math the other day. We were in the car and I was working on explaining angles to him. His frustration grew. He didn't throw a pencil, but it was clear that what I was saying was just not going to get through at that moment. So I told him we'd wait a while and try again later. He was frustrated by that too, but Eh. What's a mother to do??

So today, he came to me and asked if I would try to explain it again. And a half-hour later, he had it down pat. And we celebrated the small achievement of understanding that one concept that will lead to so many greater things.

Whatever our struggle, we need someone who will be our encouragement and support; we need to know that the goals we hold for ourselves are worth someone else's time, attention, prayers and support. As Maestro has been walking around to sell Boy Scout popcorn and we have all gone along on his walks door-to-door through the neighborhood, I've told the other children, "We're here to support your brother as he works toward his goal."

When Bruiser read his book today, I made sure to give hearty cheers for him and Jeff gave him those words every boy covets from his Pop: "Good job!"

We need to know that someone is praying for us, rooting for us, there for when we don't do so well (and who might even still be around after we've thrown a pencil!

Sorry, Mom. Thanks for sticking with me!)

This post is about the need for a support system, and about celebrating the smallest achievements when a mountain has been reduced to a molehill. A future post will focus on what to do when it seems like you're in the battle alone for a time. What struggles do you face? What helps keep you motivated? What support system do you have in place?

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  1. We all need encouragement, daily! Our children need it, our husbands need it, our friends need it! And us as housewives, oh... we sooo need it!! (just the reason we made the Homemaking 101 DVD ;))

  2. It is clear that we all need the loving encouragement our hearts delight in. We were created to praise the Lord, and he commanded us to encourage other as an extension of that love..lifting them up over those seemingly insurmountable mountains! Thank you for sharing such practical gestures of love and care!


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