Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Motivation for a Budget in Life

First, a nod (and a prodding to you to check it out) to Maestro's blog - he is using blogging as part of his writing this year, and is turning out to be pretty amusing. Take a look at his (current) mini-series on Three Types of Businessmen! And another to my shared fitness blog, with an Outside-Looking-In Perspective on running (or not!)

Now to what I wrote out a month ago while still packing... This is a short-and-sweet post as I need to get back to unpacking the boxes! But I really need to say it before it goes out the other side of my mind.

Along with our move, we've decided to make some huge changes in our lives. We're getting stuff out by the bagful to give away, even as we pack up. We are getting things fixed on the house that have needed to be fixed for a long time, but we just didn't have time and/or money to fix (and sometimes both!) We're looking forward to making some changes in terms of budgeting our

  • time,
  • space,
  • healthy habits,
  • money, and
  • family dynamics.

Increasingly, "budgeting" is taking on a far broader meaning than simply pre-planning and knowing where are finances are going. I've begun hitting the climbing gym whenever I have time and money to go, which encourages me to take better care of myself. We've been looking carefully at how we - and our children - spend our free time and have been working on ways to increase our time together as a family. To encourage me in my run-up to budgeting our finances, I've been listening to Dave Ramsey podcasts while I declutter, pack boxes and work on general clean up around the house. 

This got me thinking today: What am I doing to encourage me in following my faith? 

Could I switch from Dave Ramsey to the Bible on CD on occasion? The Orthodox Church in America has podcasts too, or how about the podcasts presented on Ancient Faith? There are several avenues out there for me to learn more about my faith and the Bible and what it contains.

What do you do to keep you motivated and ready to take on life? 

(the next post will be on tackling the papers in my life - still researching on that one! Stay tuned!)


  1. Regarding paper clutter, not long ago (ok, long ago, because I haven't watched network TV in ages) I saw a commercial for this scanner thing that is meant to keep a file of all your important papers. It's a small scanner and you feed the papers through it like you would a shredder. Then you have everything on a computer file.

  2. You're talking about Neat Receipts! I forgot about them - I looked into it a few years ago and they were going to have a Mac compatible one that fall - then I forgot again. Good call, will try looking them up again.


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