Friday, May 3, 2013

Quick Five Friday - Holy Week, Hair Carnage, & Sweet Smiles

It is Holy Week in the Orthodox church. That means we are at the end of the 40-day fasting period that is Great Lent; we are building ourselves up for the excitement of Christ rising from the tomb on the 3rd day; we are getting ready to rejoice in His resurrection. It also means we're in church a lot this week. A whole lot. 30 hours, if you go to every service. With the White Knight out of town, we haven't made it to all of them, but I've done my best. It makes such a difference to go to every service leading up to the joy of Pascha (Easter). So while I am busy with that, I leave you with a few pictures for the weekend.

The girlie is on a haircutting kick - hers, other kids, etc. so I bought ten
Barbies at a yardsale to let her cut to her heart's content.
These are the first victims... er... models.
Bruiser went with me to church Sunday night when the
oldest boys stayed home. That meant he got to be the
only altar server and even got to help with the censor!

Buttercup took this one in the car. He has just such a sweet smile.

A candidate for my new business shot. Still debating. There are a couple of others I like a little better,
but the shadow from my glasses falls on my nose in a strange way. Sigh.
I had great fun talking to the photographer though!

Buttercup wore herself out and slept through one of the services. They really are a lot for little kids.

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  1. Billy looks so much like Y...except he's pale like the others! So funny.

    Hope the Barbies help with Mairwyn's fetish!


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