Monday, July 15, 2013

Young Living Big Announcement - and a Drawing

New Premium Essential Oil Kits with Young Living

Today is the first day that Young Living's new Premium Kits are available for purchase! That is HUGE news because the new kits include a home diffuser as part of the kit, as well as several sample packets of oil for you to share with your friends!

Truly, I write this on my way out the door to the airport but I am really excited about the contest I'm running and so I'm setting this up now (from the airport - got interrupted before) to post on Monday morning.

The picture here is the newest Premium Everyday Essentials Oil Kit. The most visible change is that with the old kit, new customers and distributors received a coupon for $30 off of a Young Living diffuser; with the new kit, the diffuser is included so you can begin using your oils for aromatherapy and other airborne-based applications right away
What else does the new kit include? 

Well, you still get 

  •  the 9 Everyday Essential Oils - 
- Peppermint - good for allergies, alertness of mind, cleaning, opening up the sinuses, headache relief, etc
- Lavender - the "swiss army knife" of oils - good for allergies, relaxation, purifying, and LOTS more, 
- Lemon - good for detoxifying the liver and the body, hydration, cleaning (especially grout and mold), stain removal, etc.
- Peace & Calming - good for relaxation, stress relief, useful on dogs and other animals, muscle tension,
- Thieves - good for cleaning, sore throat and cold relief, cold prevention, immune system boosting, etc.
- Purification - cleaning cuts, antiseptic, mold/mildew removal, etc
- Panaway - pain relief, muscle relaxation, etc
-  Frankincense, and 
- Valor - snoring, emotional peace, calming, fortitude, etc. 

  •  the two individual servings of NingXia Red Supplement Drink (made with the every part (skin, seeds, etc) of the Chinese Wolfberry, and used by some for cholesterol, overall immune support, and much more!)
  • DVDs explaining Young Living's Seed to Seal policies and practices, and other information about Essential Oils

What is new in the Everyday Essentials Oil Kit?

  • The Home Diffuser
  • Sample cards to use when giving out the new sample packs to let friends try Young Living Essential Oils - especially helpful as you learn about YLEOs and as they begin to work in your life and family. 
  • Oil samples to give out with the sample cards mentioned above - many of our new Wholesale Customers* and Distributors* find that they are so pleased with how the oils work for them that they want to share their successes and see their friends benefit as well. With the old kit, these customers and distributors were giving out samples made from their personal oils, the new sample packs allow you to share without depleting your own bottles of oil!

Scroll to the bottom for FAQ's that explain the difference between a wholesale customer and a distributor.

The Extra Goodies:

I want my new wholesale customers and distributors to be happy and to know the best ways to use their oils. Therefore, anyone who signs up by purchasing a Premium Everyday Essential Oils kit will receive a Quick Reference Card to start out, followed by a Higley's Quick Reference Book, to be ordered in August when they are back in stock with the company that sells them. 

Giving my newest customers these reference guides gives them the best and most immediate use of their oils. Though not as comprehensive as a medical book, perhaps, this reference guide is a chock-full, A-to-Z guide of ailments and the oils that have been found to be effective in dealing with them. 

The Drawing:

So what is this about a contest?

Each person who joins my team in July - whether through me or through another team member - will be entered to win a drawing for a $25 gift voucher from me to use towards new Young Living Essential Oils or products. 

The person sponsoring you when you enroll in Young Living will be entered in a separate drawing as well!

This drawing is only open through me and my team, so please do not expect to find the same gifts, goodies, and benefits with someone else. As you'll see if you read the FAQs below, we are each given leeway to run our businesses in our own way, and we each decide what we're able to offer to our teams. Thank you for understanding.

If you've been thinking about how essential oils might work in your life or with your family, and are ready to take advantage of these great offers and incentives, you can sign up at this link. If you have more questions before you sign up, read the FAQs below or just send me an e-mail. 

Some FAQs:

  • What is the difference between a "wholesale customer" and a "distributor"?

- In terms of signing up, there really isn't a difference. To receive the wholesale prices, you still click the box marked Distributor on the sign-up/order page. Clicking the Customer box will not get you wholesale pricing. The biggest difference is that wholesale customers buy Young Living Essential Oils primarily for use by their family and perhaps a few friends, does not necessarily earn credit towards free oils, may or may not purchase new oils each month, and does not earn a commission check. 

A distributor spends $50 - $100 a month on oils for his or her family to use (or to share as samples), in order to earn a commission check - this $50 - $100 is similar to what any regular business would call an "operating cost", but the product being purchased earns credit (10, 15, or 20% of the amount spent) towards free oils, is for use by the distributor and family, and also qualifies for reduced shipping. Most of us do not mind spending this amount each month because it is money we were spending anyway, only now we get paid for spending it! 

Since I started the business side of my Young Living business, I have never had a month in which I took a loss. That is an incredible place to be in since I have only been with YL for six months!

  • If I sign up as a "distributor", won't that mean I am required to meet certain sales quotes or goals each month to maintain my ability to get wholesale prices?

- No. There are no monthly sales quotas or requirements to maintain wholesale price access. Think of it like a Costco membership - only you receive more than a membership card for your initial payment. The only purchasing or selling requirement Young Living has set to maintain access to wholesale prices is to spend a minimum of $50 in one order per year. Again, this is no more than a Costco membership would cost, but it comes with more than a piece of plastic for your money!

  • What if I sign up as a "wholesale customer" but decide later that I'd like to consider starting a business with Young Living? Will there be extra fees involved or paperwork to purchase?

- The short answer is that you can easily transition over from "wholesale customer" to "distributor." Young Living is set up in such a way as to encourage a very open way of doing things - YL wants their distributors and customers to be happy! You only have a business if YOU decide you want one, and there is no one "right" way to run a Young Living business. There are no extra fees involved in terms of buying extra paperwork, etc. to get started. 

  • Are there any other benefits to becoming a wholesale customer as a distributor?

- As a wholesale customer and distributor there are ways to earn credits towards free oils in the future, there is an incredible network of men and women who are genuinely interested more in seeing one another live happier, healthier lives than in the bottom line, and there are ways to earn an income.

I can't wait to see how Essential Oils might help you gain better health and a happier life!

------ Be sure to check back in on Thursday to see a guest post written by my team mate Julie S. who has found that Young Living has helped her with her Hashimoto's Thyroiditis! -----------

**This blog post does include a drawing but full disclosure, purchase through me or one of my team members is required to win**

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