Monday, March 24, 2014

Meditation Monday: The Still Quiet Moments

Maestro, as his nickname suggests, is very into music of all (most) kinds. But there is something about a good, quick tune that gets you pumped up when there is a lot of heavy, boring work to be done - like cleaning up the house, laundry, schoolwork, etc. But it's tiresome and just a lot of work from a kid's perspective, so we crank up the tunes. Today, Maestro had on a pop music station.

So few of the songs are appropriate for us to listen to that he ends up changing the station every second or third song. Well, that slows down our work considerably! I prefer to listen to Dave Ramsey podcasts while I work - it is inspiring for me to hear about others who are also struggling to become debt free. 

Or I listen to talks and lessons by people who have reached a point where they earn a full-time paycheck doing what they love and helping others - usually people doing Young Living as a business. I'm on my way, but not there just yet. My goal is to be there entirely by 2015 when the White Knight can retire and paint, create and "Art" full time - it's what he loves and his work is so beautiful. I'd like us both to do what we love full time. 
But the best moments of the day are sometimes when I am in the car with one of the older three boys, just the two of us and the baby, heading to yet another "big kid" activity, with the radio on quietly maybe, but usually off. That is when the boys start to talk. If I focus on driving and just being in the moment, they will share thoughts, hopes and dreams while I offer occasional comments or suggestions or questions to keep them going on.

We both learn so much in the quiet of the car. These activities are almost all later at night, and usually an hour away once a month. I cherish them. Even at 14, Maestro will ask questions that are pressing on his mind, and it helps me to get a "read" on what he's thinking and learning and growing into. And so far I've had little need to correct the course. It also gives me a message that there are thoughts that could use Pop's guidance sometimes. 

These moments are infrequent in a big family like ours so it's important to find ways to make them happen - while cooking dinner, taking walks, driving in the car... 

I make sure those quiet moments happen with the White Knight too. Time when we can reconnect over a dessert, a walk after the kids are all in bed - soft breaths heard in the dark rooms. 

And now I try to get up early (vs. staying up late) to have a bit of time to contemplate the day ahead, pray for friends and family in need (head to my Facebook personal page if you want to be added to the daily #MarchofPrayer list this month), and read an inspiring book, the Bible or write a bit. The White Knight taking an early-morning run, and the soft breathing of the baby nearby in the still-dark room are soothing. 

There is comfort in slowing the day and listening for God's leading. These are the checkpoints He gives me. He does not come in the raging storm, nor does he come in the loud battles and voices of our minds. He is the Quiet that comes after we've shushed all of that distraction. Ever step out on the front porch later at night and look up at the sky? Even in Baltimore, where there were so many bright street lights on, we could see the stars. That deep blue of the sky above. Wide open. Waiting - providing a mental quiet on which to contemplate the day - or to still the contemplation and just wait for The Voice to guide you. 

I love the high energy of being with all six kids, dancing our way through the day as we work, play, clean and love one another in the moments that provide family memories. 

I love those quiet moments.

Both are important - one happens more often than the other.

Where do you find your favorite quiet moments? 

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