Sunday, August 19, 2012

I'll Be in the Kitchen

Moving status update: 

We're about 2/3 of the way packed.

One room that has remained largely out and unpacked is the kitchen. Jeff has talked about how much is left in there and what all is left to be done.

I suppose there is a reason for that. I packed a lot of the kitchen six weeks ago - but nothing since then. My kitchen... I start to pull boxes into that room, and I find some reason to deflect to another room to pack first.

 Upon reflection, I see that the kitchen is where my heart is. 

It is where I've spent so much time blessing my children with discussions, advice, (*ahem*) chores, healthy food; it is where i've spent gobs of time perfecting bread recipes and watching Chef create new recipes of his own (and competing with Maestro for who has made the "best" new recipe.)

The truth is - it stings a bit to leave my old Chambers stove.

 I'll miss the Noisy Kitchen with its steady stream of kids - my own and their friends - come for a joke, to share something special, or to brag about something that's made them proud. I'll miss the Quiet Kitchen, when everyone is in bed and it's just me and the dishes; or the almost quiet kitchen, when Maestro sneaks in a little extra one-on-one time, sitting with his back against the door to the pantry, down on the floor, sharing his thoughts or concerns with me.

I'll miss making little things in preparation for tea with good friends - scones, fruit, tea fixings. Sitting down to chat, shooing away the kids (seriously, they're like ants or roaches sometimes - you blink, and all the food is gone!) so the adults can still savor a bite or two. Scooping out ice cream or yogurt for the kids to share later on, getting things ready for a lemonade stand, muffin sales, and picnics in the park.

My heart is in that kitchen. It may well be the last room to get packed!


  1. That is a beautiful stove!

  2. Anonymous - we LOVE our stove and when we get into a permanent home waaaay down the line, I WILL find one to install!

    Spinster, I think the new kitchen is bigger but I don't know for sure. If it is, we'll have to get an island like you had at one point. It's definitely a more open layout. You can still come down Labor Day weekend to check it out :) We'll miss our weekends!


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