Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Moms Vs. Dads (In the Mind of a Teen)

Yesterday, Maestro came to tell me about a sort of "Sci-fi Documentary" he had watched. It involved, he said, the idea of Neutron Stars and what would happen if one were speeding towards Earth, and how would we earth-dwellers deal with it.

There is nothing like

The conversation started out like this: 

Maestro to Mom: "I watched a sci-fi documentary this morning and it was about Neutron Stars. You're probably familiar with those, but in case you're not it's... " and he went on to explain them in pretty decent detail. 
I'm glad he did, not because I didn't know what one was but because it allowed me to see how much he understood of what he was talking about. I was quite impressed by the end, to say the least.

Fast forward to the dinner table. He was telling The White Knight about the show while we ate. He was also explaining it to his siblings. The discussion involved this statement:

Maestro to all: "Correct me if I'm wrong, Dad, but a Neutron Star is ... " and he went on to explain to his brothers what he had seen on the show. 

How come The White Knight gets, "Correct me if I'm wrong..." and the automatic assumption that Papa knows what's what, and I get "In case you're not familiar with it..." and the unstated assumption that I don't have as much of a clue? Ah, well - Such is the mind of a teen and the life of a homeschooling teen's mom. 

(And there is your chuckle for the day!)


  1. Maybe 'cause dad would have given him the "well, DUH" expression, and you wouldn't have?

    1. Most likely. It gave a good insight to his thinking, that's for sure!


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