Saturday, February 22, 2014

Featured Product Friday: Diffusers

I thought I'd take a bit of time this morning to talk about some of the lesser-known products that Young Living sells. Perhaps I'll make it an every Friday deal, but I don't know yet. For now - it's just Featured Product Friday - and today we're doing Diffusers. 

There are FIVE diffusers and a resin burner that Young Living sells and then you can get others from outside sources. A couple of notes on the diffusers: you don't want to heat your oils because it affects the therapeutic quality of the oils. I have used Thieves in my tea and still gained relief from a sore throat, so it does not completely eliminate the help you may find in using oils, but it does affect the quality somewhat. 

SO, your diffuser should be one that does not heat up at all. The Young Living diffusers that you'll see here all work using ultrasonic technology to "break the mixture of essential oils and water into millions of micro-particles and disperse it into the air, activating the powerful plant constituents found in Young Living essential oils."

The benefit to having a diffuser may not be clear at first. But we have found ours to be invaluable. Here are just a few ideas on ways we've used our home diffuser:

- Thieves for immune boosting,
- Christmas Spirit to elevate people's moods,
- Peace & Calming to calm things down for school work, 
- Brain Power to help with focus and concentration while doing taxes 

These first two diffusers are both water-based diffusers. This is the basic diffuser that comes with the Premium Kit. You put a bit of water in the well at the top, then 5-8 drops of oil 

The light on the Home diffuser does not go off, and it runs for about 4 hours, if the well was filled all the way, before running out of water and automatically shutting off. The Home Diffuser is the one you see above.
Aria Diffuser and Remote Control

The ARIA Diffuser provides more of a spa-like effect. It includes a remote control (seen in the picture), and allows for various options to enhance that experience - such as a selection of soothing, built-in sounds or multicolored LED lights. With the built-in speakers, you can plug in your own personal music player and enjoy the music of your choice. I am not sure how long this diffuser will continuously diffuser for before turning off, but it does work similarly to the Home Diffuser with the water and the oil dropped in.

The next two do not use water, and act more as vaporizers than cold humidifiers. The difference is important because these diffusers put unmixed, undiluted molecules of pure therapeutic oil into the air. That distinction allows one to use the Therapro diffuser to help get rid of mold in the air in places like bathrooms and basements that have been flooded and need mold remediation. 

TheraPro Diffuser

The TheraPro is the diffuser with the bottle hanging down from the black piece. This is Young Living's most powerful diffuser. I have seen personal testimonies from team members that used this bad-boy along with Thieves to get rid of a huge black mold problem in their homes. The TheraPro has features allowing it to be set on a timer, to cycle through specific amounts of time (say 1, 10, 15, etc. minutes on and off at a time), and even how much oil is diffused over that time period! 

Well Diffuser and Bronze Well
The second diffuser is a well diffuser. You put 15-20 drops of oil into the little well you see at the front there. The tubing allows for air flow control, and the glass piece is a nebulizer. This diffuser is designed for smaller spaces - an office space, perhaps, and is small enough to put it under a desk or on a shelf where you can diffuse for cleaner air, coughs, colds, etc. without it being obtrusive. The wells can also be ordered in four different colors.

The last diffuser and the incense/resin burner - 

The resin burner is not a diffuser, per se, but more like an incense burner. It is designed to work with Young Living's Frankincense resin (and comes with a free bag of Frankincense Resin as well!). Frankincense Resin is the hardened tree sap. The oil is distilled from the same tree. Many churches (most notably Orthodox Christian) still use Frankincense resin today for meditation and prayers on a regular basis. We also use it in our home, and my husband says it is the purest he's seen outside of Ethiopia! 

Incense/Resin Burner

The burner works by placing a bit of the resin in the top well, where there is a warming plate. You then turn on the unit, which is electric, to warm and melt the resin. This burner also has a manual temperature control that will adjust how much incense is in the air. We actually don't use an electric burner in our house; we use a terra cotta bowl and a bit of charcoal and place the resin directly on top of that. So there are alternate ways to use the resin, but this is the one provided by YL.
Travel Fan Diffuser
And finally, the Travel Fan Diffuser. This is a smaller unit that allows you to take your oils with you and still get aromatherapy benefits. It is a plug-in piece and you put the oil onto a small disposable pad, and the diffuser uses a fan to blow cool air through the pad and dispense the oils that way. This fan is good for about a 1000 square foot room - so using it with Purification (for example) in a hotel room would work well, as an example. Or in a child's room if you don't want to risk the Home Diffuser or you don't want light in their rooms at night, but need to diffuse Thieves or Lavender.

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