Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Lego Challenge: Day 5 (Pirate Ships) and 6 (Snow Theme)

Still playing catch up - but enjoying the days nonetheless!

Day 5 - Pirate Ships

We have watched a few of the newer Star Trek movies lately so Chef's ship took on a slightly different appearance:

An inverted theme on this one 

Top view

"upside down" from the side
While Bruiser's ship is more traditional:

Side view - with cannons protruding
from the top deck

Front of the ship - you can just see the
canons still jutting out - he was very
pleased with them so I want to point them out!

Day 6 - Snow Theme, in honor of one of the truly decent snows we've had while here in Virginia.

Chef's was two people coming out to shovel the walks

The blue is the divider/fence between the
sidewalks, the white, is snow 

This one retained some green grass
in the back

Bruiser followed up with a Doctor Who scene from the episode The Snowman

Snowmen to the back, children running
away up front.
A simple pic from the opposite side

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