Wednesday, January 15, 2014

50-Day Lego Challenge, Day 1: Castles

Chef and Bruiser have undertaken their own 50-day Lego challenge. So each day for 50 days they'll be creating, photographing and posting their structure of the day. If you have children who want to join in, give a holler and we'll post their pictures too! Make sure to come back and see what's next!

Day 1. Castles, Two boys 50 days over 1,000 legos.

What better way to start than castles?

11 year old Chef's dessert temple.
This is the whole thing. It has a jail, throne room, flag tower,
and more.

From above.

A jail cell.

And throne room (with king) hidden in the gate.
9 year old Bruiser's G@dget castle.
The revolving room.

Anti-gravity room.

The twisted room.                             

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