Thursday, January 16, 2014

50-Day Lego Challenge, Day 2 - Space Structures

Day two:Space stations.

11 year old Chef's Apollo 5. A small lego ship "toughed"up for a trip to the sun!

The whole ship…Ironically solar powered.

The "flippable"chair.

The "flippable"chair (upside down).

The whole mega little ship:)

9 year-old Bruiser's ship called L(ittle) S(hip) F(or) O(nes)

This is the full ship.
The ship has been alive for 3000 years.
You'll find out what it's kept alive by on the
next picture.

That big tower is the heart of the ship.
That is a big laser that keeps  the ship alive. 

The trap door for people to parachute from when
going to the planet they will stay on, or ship
they are going to attack.

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