Monday, January 20, 2014

50-day lego challenge: day3 - World Wonders, and Day 4 - Houses

Day 3: World wonders!

11 year old Chef's pyramid ruins.

Bruiser's Apollo 13 - complete with launch tower.

We're doing a bit of catch up, because the blog idea occurred to us after we were several days in already! 

So here is Day 4: Houses

The  inside,a desk,writing tools and paper. 

This is over a pond.
Bruiser's House:

The whole complex - garage to the right, other
luxuries to the left

Outside view of the fireplace and chimney


5 yo Buttercup got in on the fun and made a house with three horses!

Side view of Buttercup's farm - including three horses -
two are seen at the back left with gray tops and a red piece at the rear leg
and the third one has a bright green tail

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  1. Very cool! How exciting to use something kids love to educate them as well!


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